DPS909 Lab 5 – Preparing for Release 0.2 in Mozilla Brackets

For release 0.2, I decided to chose issues based on the brackets repository rather than Thimble. The issues I choose are:

  1. Remove or Update issue template #593
  2. Update node deps #589

These issues are fairly simple to fix. They do not involve modifying code but rather focus on documentation. I believe having proper and up to date documentation is important in open source projects. This makes it easier for contributors to find the information they need.

The first issue “Remove or Update issue template #593” was an issue filed by humphd. The issue is that when the Brackets repository got merged with the Adobe Brackets repository a file named “ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md” got merged into the repository. The purpose of this file is to provide the user with a template they can use when they want to file an issue they faced with Brackets. Since Mozilla Brackets has different features and requirements than Adobe Brackets, the template needs to be updated to fit with Mozilla Brackets.

Initially there were two options we could take to fix this issue, remove the file completely from the repository or modify the file to fit with Mozilla Brackets. I found the second option better because every repository should have an issue template for users to use and it makes filing an issue easier and more manageable.

humphd suggested some ideas on what information to modify in the file. They are:

  • Get rid of the Prerequisites section
  • Keep the section on Steps to Reproduce, Expected and Actual behaviour
  • Change the Versions section to be about which Browser (name and version) and OS the user is using

I plan on modifying the file by using these suggestions and making sure the formatting of the file is clear for the user to understand.

The second issue I chose is “Update node deps #589”, which was also created by humphd. The issue is that the dependencies and devDependencies in the package.json file needed to be updated. It is important to update the package.json file so that the users know the versions of the dependencies that are used my Brackets.

In order to fix this bug I plan on following the suggestion given by humphd. Which is to examine the dependencies and devDependencies in the package.json file and see which one’s we are using that need to be updated. The professor suggested using a tool to accomplish this task such as npm-check. This tool is used for checking outdated, incorrect, and unused dependencies. Using this tool can make the process of checking each dependency easier. After I find which dependencies need to be updated I plan on changing the package.json file to fit with the updated dependencies and devDependencies.


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