Release 0.1 – Fixing bug 1001 on Mozilla Thimble

The bug I chose to fix on Mozilla Thimble was: The delete button is scary, because I don’t know what it’ll do

The problem with this bug is when the user wants to delete a project from their list of projects the pop-up warning message isn’t clear for the user. The warning message says “OK to Delete this project?”. This message doesn’t inform the user that if they delete their project, the published version of their project will also get deleted. Therefore this results in the user becoming scared to use the delete button.

The fix to this problem was relatively simple. I had to change the text that appears in the pop-up window to a more descriptive message. The message that was suggested by flukeout was “Are you sure? The published version of this project will also be deleted”. This message is more detailed than the previous message and informs the user that the published version of their project will also get deleted.

To fix this bug I changed the message from the previous one to the suggested one like this:

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.06.17 PM.png

The fix was simple and didn’t take much time for me to accomplish.

This is my pull request: Fix #1001: Changed text for deleteProjectConfirmText

The struggle I faced when working on this lab was using vagrant to get the virtual machine to work properly. I didn’t have much trouble getting bramble to work but getting thimble to work wasn’t as easy.

I installed the virtual machine and got bramble and thimble working on my browser:


However for some reason when I make a change to a file in thimble it doesn’t automatically update on the browser. The only way it would show the changes I made was if I uninstalled the virtual machine by using the command vagrant destroy and re-installed it again by using vagrant up.

Overall contributing to my first bug in a project as complex as Mozilla’s Thimble editor was successful and accomplishing. Other than having to figure out how everything works and getting the virtual machine working properly, I found it fun and encouraging to contribute to this project. Although the bug I fixed wasn’t a big bug, it showed me the process that is required to contribute to an open source project.

In the future I would like to contribute more to the Mozilla Thimble project.



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