DPS909 Lab 4 – Working with branches, merging, rebasing, and gh-pages

This week I got to learn more about using branches, merging, rebasing, and gh-pages on git. I have had experience with using branches before but I never merged branches together or rebased my commits into one commit.

I found rebasing to be really helpful and useful to use in git. I always have different commits and don’t always want to share them when publishing to GitHub. Learning about rebasing helped me understand how to combine all of these commits into one commit which I found to be awesome.

Learning about GitHub’s gh-pages branch was also interesting. I never knew GitHub had this feature. The gh-pages branch is a special branch on GitHub that allows you to host static web pages. I found this to be useful to use when you want to play around with HTML and test your work. I also found it to be simple to use, all you need to do is create a gh-pages branch, add and commit the branch with the HTML file and publish that branch on GitHub using the push command.

Overall, I found these features to be useful to use in the future when using git.


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