DPS909 Lab 3 Fixing a Bug in Mozilla Thimble

Setting up Bramble was not a difficult task for me. I forked the brackets repository on GitHub and than cloned it. After that I installed it using these commands:

  • npm install
  • npm run build

After I finished installing Bramble I ran it using the command npm start.

Setting up Thimble on the other hand I found to be difficult. I ran the vagrant up command and waited for it to download and provision the Virtual Machine. After it was done I connected to the server by going to http://localhost:3500/. Thimble loaded up and here’s a screenshot of it working.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 5.36.08 AM.png

The problem I faced with vagrant is that when I modified a file from my cloned copy of the Thimble repository and wanted to see the changes on Thimble it would not show me the changes I did. For some reason the only way it would show me the changes is if I deleted the Virtual Machine using the vagrant destroy command and ran the vagrant up command again.

The Thimble issue I chose to do was: https://github.com/mozilla/thimble.mozilla.org/issues/1001

The issue was that when a user wanted to delete a project the message that would display after the user clicks the delete button wasn’t clear enough. It would just say “OK to Delete this project?”. This wasn’t a clear enough message for the user and doesn’t specify if the web-published project will also get deleted.


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